Who travel frequently using Airlines knows the comfort of planning a trip with Jet Airways. Jet Airways one of the most popular and the 2nd largest airline service providers in India. Jet Airways is Mumbai based Airlines Company. It is managed and operated by a private organization run by Mr. Naresh Goyal. Naresh Goyal has founded Jet Airways. After booking Jet Airways ticket online or offline passengers receive a PNR number. Sometimes ticket may not confirm at the moment ticket booked due to unavailability but later ticket may get confirm accordingly. Therefor, passengers can now check Jet Airways PNR status for any flight or ticket booked here. PNR, it is the unique reference number assigned to every flight ticket booked.

Get Jet Airways PNR Status

After the flight ticket booking process at Jet Airways, one must have received a PNR number with the booked ticket. PNR is generally located at the top of the ticket and can be used to check the real time booking status and itinerary by passengers.

Jet Airways Flight PNR Status Check Online

Booked a ticket at Jet Airways? Now want to check the Flight PNR status online? Alright, here we one can easily check flight PNR status online. The status information contains the current booking status of the ticket, live running status of the flight, and the itinerary information of particular ticket. It also offers services like passengers can make modification in their bookings as well.

One can use unique PNR number in order to check flight PNR status for Jet Airways. Passengers who either hold a confirmed booking ticket or a waitlisted booking ticket with Jet Airways has the PNR status written on their ticket, generally at top.

Once you get the PNR number, follow the steps given below to check your Jet Airways booking status.

Once one get the PNR number, to get Jet Airways booking status follow the steps given below:

  • Click on the link given below to open the PNR form.

  • Fill the details like your first name, last name, and PNR (Booking Reference) number and click on the “View Status” button.

  • Now, one is on ones Jet Airways profile where one can check ones itinerary and real time PNR status, and make changes in reservation as well.

  • If you have recently booked a Jet Airways flight ticket and is not confirmed yet then you can check the current booking status of your flight tickets in just one click. Here on this website we offer the facility of checking flight status online for Jet Airways flights. You can check the current booking flight status of all flights using your PNR numbers. Get the flight time status like arrivals, departures as well as delay time.

    Tracking the status of your flight is very simple and can be checked in just one click when you book a flight ticket you get a PNR number with that to check if your ticket has been confirmed or not. PNR refers to the Passenger Name Record. Flight ticket PNR number has all information of the passenger associated with it. You can easily check the PNR status of your flight ticket here on our site or the official website of the particular airlines. These are some easy steps to check the booking status:
    • Visit the PNR status link on the official website.
    • Enter your PNR number and Name in their respective columns.
    • Hit the “Check Status” button and check the PNR status of your Jet Airways ticket.

    Click here to check Jet Airways PNR Status

    Don’t forget passengers can easily check Jet Airways Flight PNR Status and booking information by just logging in to the website given above.

    About Jet Airways Airlines

    As we have said earlier, Jet Airways is a Mumbai based private airlines service in India. Also it is the 2nd largest airline in the country, followed by Indigo. It has connection to 74 destinations cities in India and abroad. Mumbai is the primary focal point for Jet Airways with Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Pune being the secondary focal point. For more one can check the Wikipedia or official website.

    Jet Airways is an Indian airline and it is the second largest airline that operates its services in 76 destinations across the globe and all the four zones in India. Jet Airways is one of the fastest growing airline services in India. It has two service classes in India that are economy and business class, and it has three classed in international flight that are First class, Premiere and Economy.