Are you a frequent traveler or travel for business purpose often. Then planning your next trip with GoAir Airline will surely suites you best. GoAir Airline, it’s another airline which is privately operated and managed at affordable cost in India. Though, it only offers domestic flight services to passengers in all major cities of India but it most popular Airline service providers in India. In case, one recently booked a ticket at GoAir website or offline and wants to check the GoAir PNR Status or GoAir Ticket Status then it’s one of the best places to check the same. Even more one can make changes in the booked ticket details as well if required.

Travelling through airlines is preferred by most of the people as it is convenient, comfortable and travelling to any destination is reduced to few hours. For travelling through airplane, all you need to do is book a flight ticket from your preferred airlines.

So if you have booked Go Air flight tickets and you are all set for your journey then the most important thing which you should do prior to leaving for the airport, is to check PNR status of your booked ticket, in order to know whether your flight is on-time or it's time schedule is changed or delayed.

Check GoAir PNR Status

As I said above one can make changes to ones flight reservation but it’s up to a limited time period and for a minimal charges of INR 150 per passenger per segment. The time and charges may very accordingly. In case, one want to know the status of one’s GoAir booking or want to make some changes in ones reservation, one can do it here without any issues. Its damn easy and can be done online from your mobile / laptop like devices.

Check GoAir PNR status or Update Booking Information

Want to check your GoAir PNR Status but don't know how to do it? Or worried about things you need to check the same? Well here are tips and process to check the status of GoAir Flight Ticket. To check GoAir PNR status or in order to check the current booking status and to modify any information one needs to use one’s GoAir ticket PNR number and one’s last name. Don’t know PNR number? Check on the top of the flight ticket it must be written there. Else if your ticket has been booked online than you may check it in your mobile message box or in email inbox.

Here are the steps and a general process which can be followed to check Go Air Flight Ticket PNR Status. One can follow below steps to check GoAir PNR status:

  • Click on the link given below.
  • Type Last Name and PNR number in the fields 1 and 2 accordingly.
  • Click on the button “Retrieve Booking” after filling the required information.
  • This will open one’s GoAir profile where one can check bookings and make necessary modifications as well.

  • OR

    Here we offer the facility of checking flight status online for GoAir flights. You can check the current booking flight status of all GoAir flights using your PNR numbers. Get the real time flight status like arrivals, departures as well as delay time of all GoAir flights. Checking the current booking status of your flight ticket is very easy. Just follow these easy steps to know that your ticket has been confirmed or not.

    This website allows one to check, manage and print ones itinerary information, and one can also change or cancel a booked ticket for a little fee accordingly by following these simple and easy steps:

    • Firstly create an account on the official website of Go Air.
    • Book the Flight ticket according to your preference.
    • Visit the official Go Air PNR status page or click on above mentioned link.
    • Enter your Name or PNR number and hit the “Get Status” button.
    • Check the PNR status of your Go Air flight ticket.

    One can click here to check GoAir PNR Status:

    Once one gets access to ones profile, one can also modify one’s reservation details, change departure or return date, choose an alternative route, or cancel the ticket if allowed.

    ** Also note passengers may have to pay a non-refundable fee amount as modification / cancellation charges to the airline.

    GoAir Airline will also send a confirmation message as soon as one’s PNR status get changes from waiting to confirm.

    About GoAir Airlines

    GoAir is a privately operated, Mumbai based cost effective airline services in India. It is owned by the Wadia group and founded in November 2005. Till January 2014, it offers domestic flight services to 22 major cities in India. It is also the 5th largest airline in India with a fleet of 19 flights. Visit the Wikipedia page or official website of GoAir for more details.

    GoAir is a low-cost carrier based in Mumbai, India. With the excellent service and customer friendly employees, this airline has set a benchmark for upcoming airlines in India. Go Air provides one of the best airline services, which includes the Go Business service. In this premium service the passengers get seat in the first three rows of the aircrafts with the middle seat empty for comfort and privacy.