Whatever the reason traveling via Airline is one of the best modes of traveling for people who don’t have budget limitations. Generally for small to big corporate's use Airline for business purpose and as well as some other people in emergencies. Also people who want to save traveling time i.e. need to travel fast I mean in less time use Airline too, even its safest mode of traveling as well. For people, traveling is fun and passion Airline is also one of the good option. Also, in this digital world it’s very easy for anyone to plan their trip as one can book ones flight tickets online easily. No matter ones trip is domestic or international, one can easily book flight tickets from available and most popular airlines online as well as offline. Some of the best airlines are Airindia, Indigo, Goair, Spicejet and Jet Airways. Here on this website one can check the current Flight PNR Status of you booked flight ticket.

Get Flight PNR Status

Hopefully, you know ticket booking system in flights and trains is based on first come first serve basis i.e. people who book their tickets first will get the chance to travel with confirm tickets. But if your ticket is not in confirm list it doesn't mean your chance gone. Almost all airlines follow a process, they keep a safe list of waiting list passengers, therefore, if any of their flights tickets get cancelled, the next person in line gets the seat. So, if you have booked a flight ticket with waiting list status you can check the current status of your flight ticket here on our website. Once your flight ticket status is confirm you can travel worry free.

Want to know how to check the Flight PNR Status? Well each Airline has its way. So you need to follow the process accordingly. One need to choose the airlines ones ticket have been booked with and need to follow the further steps given on there website:

  • Indigo Flight Status
  • Jet Airways Flight Status
  • Go Air Flight Status
  • Air India Flight Status
  • Spicejet Flight Status
  • How to check Flight PNR status? Get Flight PNR Status

    After selecting the airlines page you have booked your ticket with, you can check your booked flight ticket PNR status using the PNR number or reference number given on your ticket. Same as railways in case your flight ticket is booked online, the PNR number will be delivered through SMS on your mobile or in your Email inbox.

    Check flight PNR status by following the steps given below
  • Type your ticket PNR number in the given text box.
  • You should fill other details as required.
  • Then click on “Check PNR Status” button to proceed.
  • Now you are able the check the current status (waiting or confirmed) of your booked flight ticket, it will be displayed on the page, you can print it as well.
  • Also note that some airlines also send a confirmation message or email as soon as ticket PNR status changes from waiting to confirm of booked ticket.

    Flight PNR Status

    Traveling to long distances is no longer a worry. Nowadays, we can reach anywhere we want in few hours by using airways. Travelling through airlines is preferred by most of the people as it is convenient, comfortable and it also reduces the time limit of the journey. It is also well-known that travelling from airplane is the most secure and luxurious way of journey. Be it a emergency or a holiday trip, all you need to do is book a ticket for a suitable flight. Before leaving for the airport you should always check that you have packed everything and had taken all the necessary documents with yourself. You should always check that everything is in place and also, keep a track of your flight to avoid mishaps. The most important thing which you should do prior to leaving for the airport, is to check PNR status of your booked ticket, in order to know whether your flight is on-time or it's time schedule is changed or delayed.