We all know Indian Rail Network is one of the largest Railway Networks in India, it has connectivity to each village and city in the country. Indian Rail Network is managed and operated by Indian Railway Department which is a government organization. Everyday Millions of passengers travel in thousands of trains running by Indian Railways across the country. In India trains are the best and affordable traveling options. Even more people prefer to travel in train because Indian Railways provide lots of facilities and of course it is the cheapest travel options in the country as well.

How to Check PNR Status?

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. You can check your ticket' reservation status from our site by entering the 10 digit number and click on “Get PNR Status”. This will help you to get all the information with the current status of your booked ticket like- train name, boarding date, boarding point and your destination. This will also help you to check and avail other details like- train schedule, seat availability, station code, train name and number.

IRCTC PNR Status Explanied: Want to check PNR Status of your IRCTC Ticket? Alright, one can easily check the PNR status of any IRCTC Ticket (Indian Railway ticket) here on our website. To check the Indian Railway PNR Status one to enter one’s PNR number, and then one to click the button “GET PNR Status”. This will open a new window on one’s device’s screen and here is one’s current status of IRCTC Ticket. Isn’t it easy? Yeah, its damn easy, don’t look here and there to check PNR status, just put your PNR number in the given filed and click on the button to get PNR Status. The new window will show you: “pnr status details : this is the current pnr status of the ticket”

Indian Railways PNR Status

How does Indian Railways Booking Work?

There are several ways that you can book train tickets in India, both online and offline. Following are the procedure through which Indian Railways reservation system works:

Booking starts 120 days before the schedule date of travel- The booking starts 4 months in advance. In most of the cases the tickets are sold out within a week and excess tickets get a waiting list number. It is advisable to book your tickets as early as possible to get the confirm reservation on time.

Tatkal quota opens one day before the scheduled travel. Tickets can be booked under the Tatkal quota one day before the actual departure date of the train. It opens at 10.00 am in the morning.

Want to know about IRCTC PNR Status? Firstly let me tell you about PNR number. Passenger Name Record or PNR is uniquely identified number that is assigned by Railways Network to each and every passenger who is traveling in the reservation class. Whenever one book a railways ticket using IRCTC website, mobile app, or using ticket window, then one will get a unique PNR number which is printed on the top of the ticket or sent via SMS on mobile. This PNR number helps to check IRCTC PNR status and uniquely identifies the particular ticket status.

Check Live IRCTC Ticket PNR Status

When do I need to know my PNR status? Sometimes while we book train ticket in India we may assigned train ticket with a status of waitlist. It is common during peak session. So at that time we need to find out the current status of our IRCTC ticket. To find the current status of our tiket we do need the unique 10 digit number which is known as a PNR Number and written in top of the ticket. To find whether our ticket is been confirmed or not we do need to check our current PNR status. Its quite easy and can done online at Still confused how to do it? No worries just use the form given at the top of this webpage to check IRCTC PNR Status.

I am not sure if you are aware about the necessity of PNR number. Do you know why PNR status is required? Well, train PNR status shows the current position of the booked ticket number. One can know if ones ticket is in waiting or RAC status or cleared later on before the final charting using the PNR status. So for all of such things to easily manage the tings IRCTC use PNR number. One can use this website to know the current PNR status of once booked ticket.

Get IRCTC PNR Status

    Follow the Given Steps to check IRCTC PNR status:
  • Move the mouse to link giving below and Click on the link.

  • Type your PNR number in the box (check PNR number on ticket or in the SMS received from IRCTC).

  • Now click on ‘Get Status’ button given below.

  • Details of the current PNR status will appeared on the page and you can print the status as well.

Click here to Check IRCTC PNR Status

Final status of any booked ticket is available after final charting. Generally, charting is done 5-6 hours before train departure time. And till then one need to wait for the final status of a booked ticket, status may get changed at the time of final charting accordingly.

Get PNR Status

    Various status codes are used by Indian Railways to refer different PNR status of the ticket. We are listing the code below, know about them:
  • CNF: Ticket is Confirmed.

  • RAC: Reservation against Cancellation (Ticket is not confirmed but a birth will be assigned to sit, ticket cannot be cancelled)

  • WL:WL stands for waiting list. If you check for availability in a train you will see a waiting list status. It shows two numbers. The left number shows the maximum of wait list tickets reached and the other number shows the people waiting for the confirmation of the ticket. Waiting List (Ticket is in waiting list. Waiting tickets booked through IRCTC website/app will be cancelled automatically if not confirmed until chart preparation)

  • GNWL: General Wait List

  • PQWL: Pooled Quota Wait List

  • RLWL: Remote Location Wait List

  • CAN/ MOD: Cancelled or Modified Ticket

  • REGRET/ WL: No More Ticket Booking allowed

Other methods to check Railways PNR Status

Well, if you are not able to check the internet process or still have issues to check your PNR status here we are providing you other ways to check it. There are some more ways to check PNR status of an IRCTC ticket. One can check IRCTC ticket status by just a call or a SMS. Here are the processes:

Check Train PNR Status by call: Dial 139 for railway enquiry and follow instructions.

Check Train PNR Status by SMS: Type PNR <10-digit PNR number> and send it to 5676747

There are three ways to check your PNR status:

  • Online using your PC
  • Using SMS service
  • Using a smartphone app

  • Online via your PC
    This one is one of best ways to check PNR status, you just need to submit your PNR number here on this website here, you guys can also refer official Indian Railways website.

    Via SMS service:
    Another options is using SMS service. To check PNR Status via SMS you need to send one sms on either 139 or 567647 in the following formats:
    your 10-digit PNR number to 139
    your 10-digit PNR number to 5676747
    Note: Just to help you here the accurate format of the message text ‘9876543210’ (Here 9876543210 is unique PNR number). We just need to send our 10-digit PNR number.

    Via a smartphone app
    We can also check PNR status via smartphone apps (IRCTC Mobile App) using our smartphones and tablets.
    Android apps:
    This is another way to check PNR status, use “PNR status app“, Can be easily download from Play store powered by Google.
    iPhone app:
    Several iphone apps are availble on apply play store but not yet the official one.

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    Have a day and enjoy journey!